Still paddling in the warm waters of marketing automation?

At Creation, we’re huge fans of marketing automation. So much so, we wanted to go on record and tell everybody. By tracking the behaviour of prospects and understanding their engagement with your brand, we can prove you’ll get better quality leads. And more of them too. In one of our regular campaigns, we’ve increased telemarketing lead results by 200% through smarter upstream marketing automation. Come and join us – the water’s lovely.

You might be already paddling, or thinking of jumping right in, but what we wanted to tell you was that we have been working really hard so you don’t have to. You can focus on your customer and your campaigns, and let us focus on the right technology to give you the ROI you need on your sales and marketing investments. Our Marketing Automation as a Service Proposition (MAaaS) means that you don’t need to learn the software, pay a fortune to consultants to get it deployed and then recruit and train the staff to power the machinery. We can offer you all the benefits of Marketing Automation without those barriers and without long term commitments.

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The Creation Agency Gains Ten-Fold Productivity Boost with Marketing Automation

Video Highlights:

  • Lowered cost of customer acquisition
  • Higher quality leads for sales team based on a profile of individual prospects
  • Ability to deliver ROI on all digital and inbound marketing
  • Ability to deliver more innovative marketing solutions based on granular results
  • Ten-fold increase in productivity of marketing assets being created

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“Marketing automation has been a catalyst for change. We deliver more innovative marketing solutions because we can now see in great detail what does and doesn’t work for our clients”.

Jason Burrows
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At Creation Agency, we’re specialists in marketing automation, particularly for large brands.
In this example, we talk about Marketo, one of our key partners. But, they’re not the only one.
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